04/05/20 – Palm Sunday Greeting

Palm Sunday Greetings!

While this is hardly our usual meeting format for Palm Sunday, isn’t it wonderful to know that we are able to at least meet online?

If we take a moment to think back to that first Palm Sunday, without question, it was a time of great hardship and trial for God’s people. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as the people shouted Hosanna. A donkey was hardly the mode of transportation for a conquering King, yet the people were willing to overlook the situation because they believed their Messiah had finally arrived.

Well, we know those same people just a few days later would be shouting to crucify the Lord as their dreams were being crushed right before their eyes. Jesus didn’t object to their praises earlier, and indeed, He said if people didn’t praise Him, the rocks would.

Just as Jesus didn’t reject their praises then, He won’t reject our praises now!

Even in the midst of a crisis of immense proportion in our nation and world, I believe Jesus is still worthy of our praises!

So, wherever you may be worshiping from today, rest assured the church of Jesus Christ is NOT confined to a building! The Church is the body of believers such as you and I joining together to impact a lost and dying world.

Let’s declare the hope we have in Christ on this Palm Sunday 2020!

Remember to join us at 10 am.
Come early and read the Palm Sunday Devotion and sign the online Friendship Form.

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