Church Officers

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Peoria is part of the Presbyterian Church USA, and we adhere to the Presbyterian form of government, which includes governance by elected and ordained elders.


Being a Presbyterian elder is a high calling, a unique opportunity to offer servant leadership to the congregation, and an experience of spiritual growth. According to the Presbyterian Church Book of Order, “Ruling elders, together with teaching elders (pastors), exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. When elected by the congregation, they shall serve faithfully as members of the session.”

cross_imgRuling elders are persons of strong faith, discipleship and love of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Through a nomination and election process, the congregation identifies candidates for the office of ruling elder. During their three-year term, elders usually have the opportunity to participate in more than one area of the church’s life so that they may learn and grow in understanding through service.


Being a deacon is a wonderful call to service. Deacons are the servants or caregivers of the congregation – the hands and heart of the Church in our ministry of caring. In our congregation, people have all kinds of needs – they are lonely, grieving, ill, or recovering from surgery – and welcome the ministry of care from our congregation. Serving as a deacon is a privilege and a blessing. It also provides an opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship. Deacons are afforded the opportunity to know other church members in a deeper way by serving alongside them and growing in their understanding of the burdens people carry and joys that people experience and the role of the church in support of them. .