IBEN | 02/25/24 – Ukrainian Tribute

Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.


On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we will have a tribute to the music of
that country featuring John Orfe, Marcia Henry Liebenow, Polly Brecht, and others.

Please download the concert program from the link below:

Ukrainian Tribute Concert Program

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a “special military operation” of armed forces into Ukrainian territory, the purported rationale being to “denazify” Ukraine and thwart the country’s ambitions to join NATO.  Besides, Putin argued, “Ukraine has no culture of its own.”

Two years later, area musicians will gather to present an all-Ukrainian composer program of solo and chamber music in a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

John Orfe, Polly Brecht, Marcia Henry Liebenow, Karen Martin, and Adrían Goméz Hernández will perform works by Viktor Kosenko, Ihor Shamo, Boris Lyatoshynsky, Nikolai Kapustin, and more.