Peace for Peoria


Peace for Peoria


Westminster respects our neighbors of all faiths and their freedom to worship and to live peacefully, free from discrimination and prejudice.  In 2015, Westminster hosted a seminar entitled: “What Every Christian Should Know about Islam.” In attendance were several members of the Islamic community who, after the seminar, extended an invitation for Westminster members and friends to attend a seminar and luncheon at a local mosque.  To promote reconciliation and peace we must get to know our neighbors of different faiths.

In 2016, Westminster joined with three other local Presbyterian Churches (USA) to host a “Town Hall” Question and Answer event at the Peoria Civic Center. Over 700 people were in attendance.

In February 2018, Westminster hosted two seminars on the Palestinian- Israeli conflict, with the first being a pro-Palestinian speaker who recently traveled to Palestine and the second seminar led by a college professor who has been involved in a Central Illinois Peace Camp for American, Palestinian and Israeli youth.

Westminster strives to overcome prejudice with education, understanding, and hospitality.