Westminster Infant Care Center








Westminster Infant Care Center (WICC) opened its doors in 1973. The vision was to provide quality child care services for children, six weeks to two years 11 months of age, whose mothers were completing their high school education or equivalent (GED). More than 40 years later, WICC continues to provide those services. Although created through the vision of Westminster Presbyterian Church members, WICC is an independent non-profit organization with 501(C)(3) status, is licensed through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and has its own board of directors.

baby_img REVSince its inception, the center has remained operational and successful thanks to the generosity of others. Although WICC receives reimbursement from the State of Illinois, other appreciated funding sources include Westminster and other churches, grants, private donations, student co-pays, and board sponsored fundraisers.

A set of dedicated, caring employees meet the requirements of DCFS licensing. Staff members, both part and full-time, are required to pass an extensive background check and obtain hours of in-service education.

With over a 90% high school graduation rate, former WICC moms have gone on to attend post-secondary education institutions and/or secure employment in a variety of fields, including medicine, social work, education and finance/business.

WICC is located on the church’s property at 1420 Moss Avenue in Peoria. Days of operation correspond to the school calendar of the Peoria Public Schools.

For more information about the WICC program, email us at wicc1973@gmail.com or call 309-674-6701.