03/28/21 – Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday – March 28, 2021
Rev. Denise Clark-Jones


On the day we now call Palm Sunday, crowds shouted, “Hosanna,” meaning, “save us,” when Jesus entered Jerusalem. From what did they want to be saved? Was the source of distress the same for everyone? Judeans were oppressed by the Roman military occupation. Taxes were high and opportunities to rise above subsistence living were few. The Jews were not just second-class citizens, most were not even given citizenship. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem followed on the heels of Jesus restoring the sight of a  blind man, Bartimeus. Perhaps some of the crowd who witnessed the miracle healing followed Jesus into the city in hopes of healing for themselves. What the gospels tell us is this: less than a week later, when Jesus was given the death sentence, there was no crowd protesting. The only public uproar heard was: “Crucify Him!” It seems that the Hosanna crowd did not know what they really wanted. Do we?

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